We are better together.

Even if we are or look different. Even if we come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Even if we have different believes systems. Even if we agree or disagree We are better together because that’s what our strength comes from Do not let others to divide us, or influences us. We are in this together, […]

My purpose for this year

My purpose for this year To love more, not just those who I suppose to love, but also those who don’t. To work hard, love harder, and hug more. To listen more to those who think different than me, perhaps they have a different view, one that I haven’t seen. To accept that not always […]

El tren de la vida!

“El tren de la vida es amoroso, piadoso , compasivo, comprensivo, cruel, arrebatador,justiciero , desconsolador arbitrario sublime , discreto, audaz, espontáneo vivas ,pero sobre todo el tren de la vida te lleva donde tu quieres ir” Raul Cervantes – Facebook    

Welcome to my site!

Hi there, Welcome to my place on the cyber universe. This site is not about a specific topic in particular, but a set of ideas and thoughts that come into my mind every so often. I am a very passionate software developer, which you will see a lot of posts about programming and computer technology, but […]