My purpose for this year

My purpose for this year

To love more, not just those who I suppose to love, but also those who don’t.

To work hard, love harder, and hug more.

To listen more to those who think different than me, perhaps they have a different view, one that I haven’t seen.

To accept that not always I have the reason.

To serve more, and ask less.

To smile more, not only when I feel it, but also when I am not in the mood.

To be more silent to avoid distractions and remain focus.

To be thankful not only for things that I consider good, but include those things that I deem bad; perhaps they are bringing a bigger treasure.

To work for my dreams, set priorities, and worth my time.

To fight for what I consider just and speak out when I need to, but accept when things cannot be changed.

To spend more time with my dogs, and nature; there is a world that I have to learn from them.

To become richer, not trying to get more things, but trying to make more friends.


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