Independence Day

Today is my 21st celebration of Independence day since I arrived to USA; and since then I have learned to love it as my own, but as I reflect on todays 4th of July. I wonder what we really celebrate, from who or for what we got independent.

What does it really mean? We may think that be independent means we are free to do whatever we want, that we have the right to say and express whatever we feel or think. That we have the right to intervine or interfere in places where they don’t think the way we do.

As I thought about this, I am very thankful for the freedom that we got, but true independence is beyond freedom.
Be independent is to be responsible for our actions and for whatever these actions cause, be responsible for ourselves, our families, our communities, the environment, our country and the world.

It is to be committed for the common good, and not just for our own interest or the interests of few; it is to reach out to those that have got behind, and help them thrive, cause their success and well being is our own.

It is to respect each other regardless of color, race, ethnicity, believe system, sexual orientation, nationality, economic status, health, age, or gender.

So, are we really independent? do our minds, bodies, thoughts, actions, decisions, fully free and independent from influences or false ideologies?

Does everyone living here enjoy the same independence, and the same freedom, in the same way, and at the same level?

Let celebrate this independence day, recognizing that true independence starts with the respect to each other; with a commitment for the common good, and for the environment. Let all make an effort so everyone enjoys the same freedom.

Happy 4th of July

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